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“The God of heaven Himself will prosper us; therefore we His servants will arise and build,…” Nehemiah 2:20

Getting The Blessings of Sharing in Building a New House and Altars for The Lord


Help Us to Achieve Our Financial Guidance and Bank Covenants Before December 31, 2022

We are offering you a practical and easy opportunity to share in the blessings of donating to own a piece of the Church Structure. We have 3 categories that you can select from:

1. Exterior Cladding:

20221204 Building the House of the Lord Program – Cladding.xlsx

2. Windows, Crosses, The Lords Icon with the Creed, and the church name sign:

20221204 Building the House of the Lord Program – Windows.xlsx

3. Doors:

20221204 Building the House of the Lord Program – Doors.xlsx

In the Church, we believe that giving comes from the attitude behind it. From the start of time in the Old Testament, giving was a freewill offering that was part of a greater vision than just the person themselves, and it was that the intention behind giving is what mattered most to God. In giving, it is all about living with the attitude that we are blessed to be a blessing. In that sense, when you give, it is not at all a legalistic obligation, but rather a joyful expression of thanks to the Lord who has provided abundantly for us. 

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