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So the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed.

We thank our Lord for all the opportunities that He provides to us to serve. These are the list of services we have in the Chapel. You can subscribe to any service by providing your information.


  • Children’s Sermon
  • Children’s Saturday and Sunday school
  • Youth Group


    • Sunday Suppers
    • Senior’s-breakfast/teatime
    • Senior Visits


    • Deacons teaching & Scheduling
    • Vespers
    • Midnight Praises
    • Hymn Classes


    • Database
    • Web Updates
    • E-Mail Announcements
    • SMSD App Updates
    • SMSD Archives/photo library


      • Greeting/Ushering
      • Resource Center/Welcome Package/New Members Outreach
      • Spiritual/Social Committee
      • New Years Eve Committee
      • Jerusalem Trip
      • Back to School BBQ
      • Mission Trips


      • Adult Bible Study
      • Marriage/Family/Parenting
      • Women’s Ministry
      • Men’s Ministry
      • Catechism
      • Alpha Class
      • Outreach services

      Fundraising committee


      • Agaby Meal-Sunday

      Church maintenance

      New Comers

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