We would like to summarize a guide on how to help with your generous contributions in making this project a reality: First and foremost "Please mention the future of the SMSD Chapel in your daily prayers".

List of options to contribute:

1- 2019 donation goal

A Donation Revenue goal of a minimum $800,000 to $1M between now and December 31, 2019.  We need your contribution to make this happen as it will be impossible to obtain any financing from any bank if we are to submit our Financial Statements at the end of this year, with the level of Donation Revenue that we presently have to the end of September

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2- 2020 guidance

A 2020 Donations Revenue Guidance of $1,150,000 as follows:

  1. Q1 of $200k
  2. Q2 of $300k
  3. Q3 of $250k
  4. Q4 of $400k

3- I pledge:

If you would like to help, and indeed you can and should help, please take a few minutes to complete the attached Pledge Form

Pledge form

4- Limited personal guarantee:

A drive to obtain pledges from members of the congregation for Members Personal Guarantees to the tune of an aggregate of $1M

5- Donation in Kind (Securities tax advantages)

There’s a tax advantage to the donor to donate securities that they may have in their portfolio rather than liquidating the securities and donating the proceeds. For more details please let us know to show you how you can have this additional tax benefit.

For more details on example of donation in kind please click here  Donation in Kind