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 The Chapel family have outgrown our space and have been praying for the Lord to find us a new home to worship and serve Him from… and after several years of actively searching, He has brought us an amazing opportunity right down the street.

The Lord has given us a unique opportunity, having an exclusive chance to bid on the property before it goes on the market. We are praying for the Lord to make His will be known to us, and we ask you to pray with us as we pursue this exclusive opportunity which seems to have been perfectly planned and delivered to us from our Heavenly Father.

Logos Christian Family Church: (Picture here http://smsd.ca/logos/LOGOS_picture.pdf)

Located at 2.6km and less than 5 minutes away from SMSD. It is an existing Pentecostal church that’s not on the market yet. The church is located close to the intersection of Dixie and Burnhamthorpe:

To obtain our bank approval for a loan to acquire this property, we need to show our bank by December 31, 2019 the following performance: 

1– Donation Revenue of between $800,000 and $1 million (We’re at $297,579)

2– Recurring Donations of $60,000 per month 

3– $1M Plus in loans to the church from members/non-members with interest up to 5%

4– $1M Plus of High Net Worth Personal Guarantees to the bank  

Join us and share in the blessings of getting another house for The Lord to serve Him and glorify His Holy name in all of our services.

These are the links to the documented shared last Sunday:

1- The SMSD Chapel Mission Story http://smsd.ca/logos/The_SMSD_Chapel_Mission_Story.pdf

2- SMSD FUND RAISING TARGETS TO 2019/12/31 http://smsd.ca/logos/SMSD_FUND_RAISING_TARGETS.pdf

3- The Simple Way To Achieve Our Financial Goal http://smsd.ca/logos/The_Simple_Way_To_Achieve_Our_Goal.pdf

4- The Many Ways I can Help to Build a House for The Lord http://smsd.ca/logos/The_Many_Ways_I_can_Help_to_Build_The_House_of_The_Lord.pdf

5- Pledge Form Building Fund http://smsd.ca/logos/Pledge_Form_Building_Fund.pdf

6- PAD Form http://smsd.ca/logos/PAD_Form.pdf

Thank you for your support and generosity


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