Chapel Online Fundraising Gift Catalogue


Item 1: 100% Natural Honey, Natural Beewax Candle and Honey Jar – Proposed Price ($50)








Item 2: Large Godiva and Lindt chocolate gift basket with assorted wafers, nougat and popcorn. Proposed Price ($100)










Item 3: Wooden Christmas gift box with Godiva and Ferrero Rocher chocolates, cookies, nougat, pretzels and coffee. Proposed Price ($70)









Item 4: Christmas cookies Set 1 Proposed Price ($25)









Item 5: Christmas cookies Set 2 Proposed Price ($25)









Item 6: Christmas cookies Set 3 Proposed Price ($25)









Item 7: Christmas cookies Set 4 Proposed Price ($25)









Item 8: Dry flower arrangement in a treated natural wooden basket Proposed Price ($110)









Item 9: Chocolate lover basket: Wooden container with season greens, natural dry flowers and 4 delicious chocolate bars Proposed Price ($110)

can be customized as of size, colors and chocolate preferences









Item 10: Wooden tray with 2 high quality cheese, one wine dry sausage and nuts Proposed Price ($90)







Item 11: Wooden tray with 4 high quality cheese, one cognac dry sausage, jam and crackers. Proposed Price ($140)







Item 12: Gourmet cheese board with cheese knife, cucina antipasto spread, olives and crispy baguette Proposed Price ($50)









Item 13: Large Gourmet chef’s gift basket with pasta, oil & vinegar, antipasto spread, pretzels, Cheese sticks and Godiva chocolates Proposed Price ($100)









Item 14: Wood star of Bethlehem Christmas gift box with chocolates, butter cookies and wafers Proposed Price ($40)









Item 15: 15 inch treated wood center piece with 3 candles  (90 $)











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